Residential and Commercial Real Estate

We process all aspects of commercial and residential real estate transactions, from the negotiation of terms to the review and preparation of documents for the closing. We represent buyers, sellers and lenders in real property matters. If you are considering buying or selling residential or commercial property in Essex County, you want experienced attorneys to advise you throughout the process.

At our office, we work with individuals and businesses at all stages of the purchase or sale of residential or commercial property, from the negotiation of a buy-sell agreement through closing. We review and prepare all the necessary documents to successfully complete your real estate transaction, including purchase agreements, deeds, mortgages, financing documents, easements and restrictive covenants. We will review all documents in preparation for the closing, including the settlement statement, and will appear on your behalf at the closing, if necessary. We also handle commercial leases.

We represent buyers, sellers and lenders in simple and complex real estate transactions, from the purchase of a single family residence to a large commercial development. If disputes arise over contract issues, boundary disputes, easements or other matters, we will handle any litigation that ensues.

At the office of Ronan, Segal & Harrington, we have considerable knowledge of the real estate market along the North Shore.